Candidate Survey – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are distributing surveys to municipal candidates running for office in the towns of Rutland, Addison and Bennington Counties. We are finding it very difficult to gather names and emails of everyone who is running for a town office. We are mailing surveys to anyone that we were able to find addresses for but WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please widely share the below survey letter to any candidates that you know of or anyone that may have information for candidates. Our goal is to distribute this to as many candidates as possible in our service area. Don’t worry if a candidate gets this more than once, they will know how much we care about their responses. Thank you for your help!

Below please find our message to our candidates.

Dear candidates for municipal office in the March 2022 elections:

I write on behalf of the Rutland Area Branch of the NAACP, which serves Addison, Rutland, and Bennington counties.

We seek to provide our members and the public with information concerning the views of candidates for select boards, boards of alderman and school boards, as well as to give you, as candidates, the opportunity to make your views known.

We invite you to complete our racial justice survey.

Please complete and return the survey no later than February 14, 2022, so that we can share your responses with our members and the general public before election day.

Please use the link provided below to access the survey. You may return your completed survey by using the “submit” bottom at the bottom of the survey. If necessary you may also  copy your completed survey and return it to  

Click here to take the survey.

If you any questions, feel free to contact me at the email address listed above. 

We look forward to your response,

Brian Sawyer
Chair, Political Action Committee
Rutland Area Branch of the NAACP

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