Other organizations to help with discrimination, Bias Incidents, and Hate Crimes in Vermont:

  • The Vermont Human Resources Commission, where you can file a complaint for discrimination in housing, government employment, or places of “public accommodation” (including stores, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces).
  • The Civil Rights Unit of the office of the Vermont Attorney General, where you can address discrimination in employment as well as report incidents of bias and hate crimes.
  • Vermont ACLU, if you believe your rights have been violated and you are seeking legal representation, or wish to learn more about your civil rights and those of others.
  • Vermont Legal Aid can provide free legal advice and council to Vermonters, and often works in the areas of housing, medical issues, and mental health.

Resources for Anti-racism/Anti-Bias/Diversity training

Learn More About Racism & Anti-Racism & Everything In Between

Understanding Racism and Bias:

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What is Racism?

Ways to Interrupt Discrimination in the Moment:
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Interrupting Racist Comments (PDF)
Tips for Parents and Caregivers
How to Handle Discriminatory Jokes

Racism and Poverty:
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POC, Mental Health, and Self Care:
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