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The Rutland Area branch of the NAACP is dedicated to the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminating race-based discrimination in Vermont.

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Black History Month Essay Competition

Prompt:Write a 150-500 word speech to other young people expressing your comittment to anti-racism and encouraging peers to be anti-racist. Guidelines:Send an email with your first and last name, age, the name of your school, your email address, and phone number to education@naacprutland.org. Send the essay as an attachment. DO NOT put your name on … Continue reading Black History Month Essay Competition

Black History Month Educational Resources

Each Black History Month, the Rutland Area Branch of the NAACP receives complaints, complete with verifiable documentation and evidence, that demonstrate curricular violence against Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of color (BBIPOC) who are students in Vermont schools. The Vermont educational system has caused and is causing harm to BBIPOC students. The reason that … Continue reading Black History Month Educational Resources

Resources for Educators on the Capitol Insurgency

Dear Fellow Educators, We here at the Education Committee of Rutland Area NAACP are here to support you with a plethora of ideas and materials for teaching in good times as well as in these more fraught and difficult times. We’re currently hard at work building and creating resources for our schools and communities, as … Continue reading Resources for Educators on the Capitol Insurgency

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