The Rutland Area branch of the NAACP is dedicated to the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminating race-based discrimination in Vermont.

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Solidarity with Kiah Morris

Those who follow our Facebook page or local politics have likely heard that Vermont’s only Black woman representative, Kiah Morris, has withdrawn from her uncontested race to represent Bennington following months of racially-charged harassment and threats. As all of this comes to a head and Kiah prepares to take legal action regarding the matter, her … Continue reading Solidarity with Kiah Morris

“Skeleton Crew” at the Dorset Theatre Festival

We’re looking forward to the run of “Skeleton Crew” at the Dorset Theatre Festival in the coming weeks! This play has an all-Black cast and a Black playwright, and we hope that our members will come out to help show Vermont that Black art and artists can do well here! PLUS you can get 40% … Continue reading “Skeleton Crew” at the Dorset Theatre Festival

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