Racist Mascot presentation with Judy Dow

The Problematic History and Current Reality of Racist Mascots and Imagery

Saturday 2/19 • 10:00 AM

Indigenous educator Judy Dow joins us to examine the history and reality of racist mascots and imagery, and talk about the implications and effects that they have on all students.

This video discusses Vermont bill S.139, “An act relating to public schools’ team mascots,” which seeks to ban “a name, symbol, or image that depicts or refers to a racial or ethnic group, individual, custom, or tradition” being used as a public school’s name, icon, or mascot. The following senators are part of the education committee where this bill is being discussed. We encourage you to contact your senators if they are on this committee.

Judy Dow stands surrounded by yellow leaves, looking past the camera to the left with a slight smile.
Judy Dow

Judy Dow is an Indigenous educator, with degrees in Education, Native Studies, and a Master’s in Teaching for Social Justice. Judy teaches throughout the ages and in countless places in North America. Judy is also the recipient of the 2004 Governor’s Heritage Award for Outstanding Vermont educator. She is currently the Executive Director of Gedakina. Gedakina is a multigenerational endeavor to strengthen and revitalize the cultural knowledge and identity of Native American youth and families from across New England, and to conserve our traditional homelands and places of historical, ecological and spiritual significance. Judy currently serves on the Vermont Natural Resource Council, The Vermont educational task force, and the Vermont Climate Change Ag. and Ecosystems sub-Subcommittee.

2 thoughts on “Racist Mascot presentation with Judy Dow

  1. I am very interested in thisi presentation (on Racist mascots) but I won’t be able to view it on Feb 19. Will it be possible to see it after that date? Thanks


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