Earth Day Fair success

This report comes from Assistant Secretary Scott Holliman, about his presentation at the Poultney Earth Day Fair last month:

“The Rutland Area NAACP proudly exhibited, along with about sixty others organizations, clubs, and groups at the 10th annual Poultney Earth Day Fair, on Wednesday, April 12th. This year’s theme was “Roots of the Past, Seeds of the Future,” and our display board worked closely with that theme, exhibiting historical highlights from the NAACP’s inception up through the 1960’s (roots of the past), as well as exhibiting the historical steps taken to see the Rutland Area NAACP establish itself as an official charter in February of the present year (seeds of the future).

As well, our exhibit featured the NAACP’s mission. Over the course of the three hours, we were visited by approximately fifteen different individuals and small groups. The majority of visitors were unaware of our local association, so word was spread. Responses were positive, if not enthusiastic. Questions abounded, and I did my best to answers those questions as accurately, completely, and knowledgeably as I could. Maybe a third of the visitors took applications. Though I didn’t get anyone to commit to a membership, the experience was entirely enjoyable, and if nothing else, it gave our nascent association more exposure.”

Please get in touch with us if you have a local event that we could be present for!

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