“Respectability Politics” workshop with Tabitha Moore

April 20, 2021 • 6:30pm • Free for members or $50 donation

 Register now!

From “That hair just isn’t professional” and “Well, what was she wearing?” to “That isn’t a proper way to protest” and “He should have complied,” respectability politics tries to use an ever-shifting goalpost of “respectability” to justify the poor treatment of people from marginalized communities.

These excuses are often made by people who think they mean well, and can compound the already-exhausting and traumatic experience of navigating systemic racism and institutional oppression. In this workshop we will learn to identify and interrupt respectability politics in different situations with others and within ourselves.

Workshop leader Tabitha Moore is the founding president of the Rutland Area branch of the NAACP.

Click here to register.

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