Candidate Survey Results

We are pleased to present you with our first ever Candidate Inquiry Report. This report compiles information received from candidates from local and state positions in Vermont as well as responses from candidates seeking election to federal positions. The goal is to provide Vermonters with insight into the attitudes and beliefs as well as intentions to address specific problems faced by people of color today. This is not an endorsement of any candidate; it is insight into the candidate’s position on issues about racial injustice and how closely their views and intentions to address the issue align with our own.

As a non-partisan organization, we invite all candidates to the table because we believe that dignity, identity, access to resources, respect, and freedom are not bound by political affiliation, but they are matters of humanity that all people-especially those who seek to serve our community-should care deeply about. We encourage you to read each candidate’s response and decide how their response aligns with your own thoughts and values. For this reason, you will notice that candidate answers appear before our analysis. We hope that you find this report to be useful and thought provoking and ultimately, that it provides you with information that helps you to make an informed decision on election day this November.

Download the full results, including all questions and answers.

Download our full introduction letter and methodology here.

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