Bringing our youth to Black Panther

An image of a painting of the Black Panther character in armor with the text "Help Send Rutland Youth to see Black Panther."On March 6, we’re going to bring as many area high schoolers as we can to a screening of Black Panther, with a discussion afterwards about why this film is important. We’re hoping the community can support us in this with donations to cover the cost of the movie; Flagship Cinema is giving us a special price of $7/student.

The goal is to expose youth to this record-breaking art, and to engage students and their teachers in dialogue about the importance of the film and its themes, and why multicultural exposure and representation are critical in today’s world.

You can see the incredible impact on people of color, especially kids, of seeing strong, smart, nuanced Black characters in a film like this in the celebrations and Black Panther viewing parties going on in Black communities all over the country. But it’s also hugely important that kids from the dominant culture see people of color in these roles, too: as heroes, as complex villains, not stereotypes — as characters with their own stories that aren’t dependent on a white leader to save the day.

Individuals can donate here; please just make a note that your donation is for the Black Panther screening. Local businesses who would like to sponsor this (or any other) event, please get in touch.

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