Qualified Immunity Series

Learning sessions: September 19 • 12-2pm • For legislators, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and town/city officials | Register for this session September 19 • 6-8pm • For community members and organizers | Register for this session September 20 • 12-2pm • For law enforcement | Register for this session Working session: October 8 • 9am-2pm … Continue reading Qualified Immunity Series

URGENT! Environmental Justice Bill Petition

Click here to sign the petition now! Vermont is regarded as a state with a strong record on environmental issues. However, Vermont is one of the few states without a law concerning environmental justice. The practice in Vermont has been for state agencies and departments to create solutions to environmental issues, and then seek input … Continue reading URGENT! Environmental Justice Bill Petition

Get Out the Vote

Download a poster to help get out the vote! On Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday we emphasized action over celebration.  As stated the right to vote is under attack across the nation.   We asked you to take action "by demanding that our elected officials pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the Freedom to … Continue reading Get Out the Vote